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Automation Service is a company leader in the field of the evolution of the automation that deals with the assistance and trade of mainly FANUC and MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CNC spare parts. These spare parts are mounted on CNC machine tools such as transfer machines, milling machines and turning machines.

Automation Service offers:

  • On our online store, you can find original products combined with experience, professionalism and fulfilment of the clients’ needs.
  • Technical assistance/support;
  • Repairs that are resolute and efficient because performed by skilled technicians with a great experience.

Original CNC parts online - Replacements distributor

On our e-store you can find various and diversified CNC parts online ready to replace your defective parts. We are able to provide most of the parts in prompt delivery or in a few days (24 to 72 hours) thanks to our massive and various stock.

Automation Service offer for sale online spare parts of the following main categories:

  • FANUC spares and the main categories are:

- Alpha Power Supplies;

- Servo Drives and Amplifiers;

- Spindle Drives and Amplifiers;

- Various types of CNC boards;

- Operator Panels and key-sheets;

- Servo Motors and Spindle Motors (Alpha, Alpha I, Beta and S series);

- Encoders, Pulse coders and Sensors;

- Fans, fuses and batteries

  • MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC spares and the main categories are:

- Servo Drives;

- Spindle Drives;

- Power Supplies;

- AC and DC Servo Motors;

- Encoders and Pulse coders;

- Batteries.

All the new products you can find online have a 24-month warranty, but also the refurbished parts (that have been carefully tested by skilled technicians on dedicated test rigs before the shipment) come with a 24-month warranty too.

Shop online and if you need any assistance please contact our customer care. Our team will answer any of your technical questions and your doubt to quickly solve costly downtimes.

Automation Service has various distributors around the world, that focus is the assistance and the client care for the quickest solution of your technical problems.