Conditions of sales and assistance

1) The assistance and delivery terms are counted from the date of the accepted order. Downtime of commission is not attributed to Automation service as long as necessary to repair. The delivery is considered completed from the date the merchandise is ready for shipment. Any delays or defective parts caused by courier are not imputable to Automation Store.


2)The delivery, in case of sale or repair will be proceeded using standard packaging chosen by couriers, unless the customer requires different modality which will have to specify the type required. Automation Store will apply an additional charge for ad hoc packaging.


3) If the customer does not collect the goods from the warehouse in Via Degli Spinosi N. 8 – Corte Franca (BS) 25040 at the end of testing, we will be charging the warehousing / storage costs and the buyer exempts Automation Store from any custody responsibility.


4) In case of default, late payment or insolvency, Automation Store can require the merchandise return. In case of delay of payment, Automation Store will apply plus statutory interest also to default interest under the combined provisions of Articles. 1224-1284 cc. and Legislative Decree n.231 / 2002.


5) In case of exchange supply, the customer must adhere to respect the 10-days-term (from the date the costumer received the material from Automation Service srl) for exchange conditions; so the defective part delivery. If the costumer doesn’t respect this term, the contract will change in only supply.

A 30% recalculation will be applied even if the module (supplied from the customer) results no repairable.


6) For the material ordered without our maintenance work, the verdict for the correct defective parts identification is an exclusive customer responsibility, so we can’t accept the rendered part.